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Judgment Guideline

-Difficulty of Tricks (Kicks, Flips, Combinations)




Judges consider all the above points.



Each category has preliminary to decide the finalists.  The order and the parings of the match will be decided by drawing the registration numbers prior to TBJxWOT 2019.  The drawing will be broadcasted live.  We will announce the details of the drawing on our Twitter and Instagram.


Finals & WOT

Each triker takes turns and he/she who gets two points first wins. 


After the first turns, the judges vote for a better tricker.  The tricker with more votes gets one point.  Then the second turns go on.  If the turn is a draw, no point is given. 


He/She who gets two points first wins the match and proceeds to the next level in the tournament. 


It is NOT duce style where he/she gets two consecutive points wins.


Pair Battle

The 2 on 2 match is timed 1 minute .  Both pairs make moves within this time.  After the battle, the judges vote for a better pair.  (It is NOT point system.)  If the battle is a draw, one player from each pair competes with one move and the judges vote for a better player.

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